1. How can i request name/text/initials/images... engraving into my item?

We support to engrave custom name/text/initials/images... and re-structure products. For custom request, please add the customization request item as this link to your cart or contact us for more details. 

2. Gift wrapping and packaging

Normal wrapping is Ivory paper box. We also provide pinewood box for Men's wallet and Watchband as special gift box. If you request Pinewood box, we offer to engrave name/text/initials into the box for free. For pinewood box request, please add the item as this link to your cart. 

3. Status of shipping was not updated.

When the package leave my country, it will be provided an other checking code by your national Post services - their partner. It'll take time to update it into their system because it depends on the custom processes, if they finish the custom processes and allow the package come to your country, it will be provided a new checking code to use in your country. That's the reason why the status of shipping normally takes a long time to be updated in system.

4. I still have note received the package (normal shipping services)

The normal estimated delivery time is 02-04 weeks (excluded public holidays). If you still have not received your package after 02 weeks, please check your mailling box in case the Post Office they left any notice of the package.
After 04 weeks (excluded public holidays), if you still have not received the package, i will open a dispute with Post Office. They will locate the package. This process will take 01-02 weeks.
If the Post Office don't have any news after 02 weeks from estimated delivery date, the package will be confirmed as "lost". In this case, we have 02 options for customers : We make a new one and re-send to you or we make a partial refund to you.